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October 23, 2021

Watch INSPRS Founder Delaney Liskey speak on building a community of patient research scientists into the biomedical research workforce.

WAVY TV 10 News

March 23, 2022

Virginia Beach woman becomes patient-scientist, studying own disease to help others

Advancing the Science

Exchanging Ideas

All scientific research starts with a fundamental question, and it takes about 12 years of research for a potential treatment to become publicly available. It is pertinent that these questions stem from those personally diagnosed with the condition or area of human health being studied as early in the research process as possible, as those without experiences related to the disease may not think to ask.

Our Mission
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Every Perspective Matters

The International Society of Patient Research Scientists (INSPRS) is a professional scientific organization that is dedicated to patient research scientists in the biomedical workforce. However, we are more than just an organization. We are united as a community of individuals with a unique perspective to bring to medical science: a perspective that many researchers and clinicians likely do not have. With this, our mission is to advance biomedical research by providing a platform that assesses the breadth of the community of patient research scientists and enables the exchange of ideas.

About the Founder

Delaney E. Liskey

As a Regenerative Sciences Ph.D. student, Delaney integrates her experiences as a patient and a biomedical research scientist to advance the ongoing research of neurodegenerative conditions. She strives to equip and empower patients with the experimental skillsets and opportunities to become research scientists.